Emily & Josh's Engagement

I met Emily while I was studying photography at Humber back in 2009 and now I get to photograph her wedding to the love of her life Josh! Time sure flies, but I’m so excited & grateful to document their love in a small little town just outside Algonquin park. The two of them are super sweet together and when I asked them a few things they like to do together the first thing they mentioned was foster dogs, how amazing is that? Ace was one of their first foster dogs who they decided to keep, and he was such a little sweetheart for the whole session. I’m so glad they brought him along to join in on the fun!

Wellesley & Ryan's Engagement

I met W & R up at their family cottage where we drank beer and wine together and enjoyed a nice breeze off the lake. They broke a hammock, cuddled in another hammock, we went for a boat ride, and got eaten alive by mosquitos. It was literally a photographers dream! I think my favourite part was being out on the lake with such great company in finally some beautiful weather this year! Thanks you two for making my job so much fun!!!

Lyndsay & Jeff's Engagement

L & J are two very kind hearted souls, which made photographing the two of them together so easy. Jeff grew up in Port Hope, where they now both live in their first place together with their adorable dog Penny (which you can confirm below). We decided to use his romantic little hometown as the background for their engagement shoot, and we even stopped off to visit their home so their dog could get in on the action. When I asked them to tell me something about themselves that defines them as individuals Lyndsay said Jeff is silly and doesn’t take life to seriously and she was soooo right, he laughed A LOT which made her laugh too - which made my job documenting them together even more fun!!

If you haven’t heard of Port Hope, Ontario it’s actually been used for it’s charming character in the most recent movie IT by Stephen King. They even took me to the spooky alleyway with the “Quality Meats” butcher shop sign. I’m so extremely grateful for discovering, learning about and seeing new sights because of all of my wonderful clients. THANK YOU!

Katlyn & Mack's Engagement

Katlyn & Mack first met in elementary school, and life brought them back together years later where they found love and adventure within each other. When we were deciding on a place to document their love, they mentioned this gorgeous place where they got engaged. Of course she said YES in warmer weather, but we decided to go and see it's winter beauty and revisit this special place in their hearts.

Furnace Falls in Kinmount, Ontario is absolutely beautiful, and I intend on going back in the summer for some swimming and adventuring myself. We even stopped in at the old mill in town (so we could warm up our fingers in the car on the way there) and dealt with some gusty and snowy winds. It’s truly a blessing to discover so many wonderful new places with strangers that become my friends. Thank you for trusting me :)

Meagan & Seans Engagement

This past weekend, I headed out to the Trenton area to meet up with this lovely couple to take some engagement shots, and I got lost. I learned never to trust apple maps, and to always double check how to get there the old school way! When your map says “you have arrive, park your car” while you’re on the 401, you really do start to panic. Luckily I had left early and google maps showed me the way and I was only a few minutes late!

None of us had been to Sager Conservation Area, so we got to explore the space and get to know each other while we checked out all it’s beauty! Thank goodness for awesome couples like these, who trust me to capture their love!

Steven & Theas Engagement

When I first met these two, I knew photographing them was going to be a treat, and they didn’t disappoint. They were SO much fun to photograph, we listened to their favourite album, and they giggled and laughed the whole time. We did their photos at a meaningful place in their hearts, their pastor home, which was GORGEOUS! They met in church, and fell in love, and are now planning their dream wedding together. I’m so grateful to have met these two and in the short time we spent together I already consider them my friends!