Lyndsay & Jeff's Engagement

L & J are two very kind hearted souls, which made photographing the two of them together so easy. Jeff grew up in Port Hope, where they now both live in their first place together with their adorable dog Penny (which you can confirm below). We decided to use his romantic little hometown as the background for their engagement shoot, and we even stopped off to visit their home so their dog could get in on the action. When I asked them to tell me something about themselves that defines them as individuals Lyndsay said Jeff is silly and doesn’t take life to seriously and she was soooo right, he laughed A LOT which made her laugh too - which made my job documenting them together even more fun!!

If you haven’t heard of Port Hope, Ontario it’s actually been used for it’s charming character in the most recent movie IT by Stephen King. They even took me to the spooky alleyway with the “Quality Meats” butcher shop sign. I’m so extremely grateful for discovering, learning about and seeing new sights because of all of my wonderful clients. THANK YOU!